Satan desires to see you discouraged

The Holy Spirit has been speaking an awfully lot lately on the subject of discouragement. There are so many of God’s children who are discouraged about their relationship with God. Satan desires to make us feel discouraged or even downright terrible about our relationship with God. Satan does this through reminding us of our past failures (guilt, shame, and condemnation). Let me ask you this, was your past greater than the Blood of Jesus and the work of the Cross? Satan would surely like you to see it that way, but such a imaginations completely belittles Jesus and His work. We need to stop listening to the enemy, and start taking seriously the Word of God concerning the power of the Blood!

Why does Satan want us to feel discouraged? Because discouragement takes away our incentive. If we are discouraged with cooking, we’ll likely not be as excited to spend time in the kitchen. If we are discouraged with our job, we won’t have the incentive to keep going and do our best. Satan wants us to be discouraged with our relationship with God, so that we will lose our incentive to keep going deeper with God and spend quality time with Him.

Discouragement is one of Satan’s fine weapons that is used against us. We need to be on guard against it, and declare the Word of God true over the words of the devil. If God’s Word declares us justified and made right before God, then we should not question that or see things any other way!

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