Unloving spirits

Unloving spirits are huge; they cause all sorts of problems in so many lives. Addictions? Likely unloving spirits are involved. Lust? Pornography? There’s a good chance unloving spirits are the root.

What does an unloving spirit do? It’s job is to make the person feel not loved. An unloving spirit can hinder a person’s ability to perceive and receive love properly, which starves them of an essential need that God has designed inside each one of us. We all need to be able to freely receive the love of God in our lives. The root to many addictions is the need to be loved, and by over indulging in something, we attempt to fulfill that need. Since we can’t fulfill it, we keep indulging but never find true fulfillment. That is why a person can wake up one day and find themselves weighing 500lbs. They are trying to fill a need that cannot be met with food, but since they don’t know how to get their need met, they are doing the best they can to meet the need in the natural.

Rejection can open the door to unloving spirits. Unloving and rejection spirits are very closely related. Unloving spirits make the way for lust, perversion, pornography, and so forth (as a means to find love).

What unloving spirits basically do is deprive a person of love. They make it difficult to freely receive love from others and God into your spirit. They may be there due to defense mechanisms which are intended to help block further harm, but at the same time it blocks love from being received into the person’s system.

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