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Unloving spirits

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Unloving spirits are huge; they cause all sorts of problems in so many lives. Addictions? Likely unloving spirits are involved. Lust? Pornography? There’s a good chance unloving spirits are the root.

What does an unloving spirit do? It’s job is to make the person feel not loved. An unloving spirit can hinder a person’s ability to perceive and receive love properly, which starves them of an essential need that God has designed inside each one of us. We all need to be able to freely receive the love of God in our lives. The root to many addictions is the need to be loved, and by over indulging in something, we attempt to fulfill that need. Since we can’t fulfill it, we keep indulging but never find true fulfillment. That is why a person can wake up one day and find themselves weighing 500lbs. They are trying to fill a need that cannot be met with food, but since they don’t know how to get their need met, they are doing the best they can to meet the need in the natural.

Rejection can open the door to unloving spirits. Unloving and rejection spirits are very closely related. Unloving spirits make the way for lust, perversion, pornography, and so forth (as a means to find love).

What unloving spirits basically do is deprive a person of love. They make it difficult to freely receive love from others and God into your spirit. They may be there due to defense mechanisms which are intended to help block further harm, but at the same time it blocks love from being received into the person’s system.

Sex demons want to destroy your marriage!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

What’s so bad about having a sex demon, such as lust, if you are married and can indulge in your sexual fantasies anyways? Let’s not forget to true purpose that Satan and evil spirits are here to carry out:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

The truth is that a spirit such as lust, hasn’t got your marriage sexual relationship in mind, but rather seeks to undermine your relationship with your spouse. They can actually make the sex that you have with your spouse, seem less appealing than it should, and will seek to get your attention off of your mate, and onto other people (women/men). The goal of such spirits is not to bring you sexual gratification, but to undermine your relationship with your mate that God has intended that you have with them. A sex demon can literally make your own wife look less appealing, while making other women more pleasing to your eye. Such a tactic is devastating to millions of marriages today!

One lady shared about how her dad had a bondage to pornography, but after going through deliverance, his love relationship with his own wife went through the roof! Another man had homosexual tendencies, but after receiving deliverance, he said that the sex which he has with his own wife now makes the other seem like it’s standing still!

In one deliverance, a spirit of succubus (a sexual demon which appears to men as a beautiful woman, and stimulates them sexually) confessed that his true intent in entering the man, was to kill him in one way or another. This sexually satisfying demon was going to end the man’s life!

These spirits are nothing to play around with. They carry the same goal as their leader, Satan, does. They are here to kill us, steal from us, and destroy our marriages and families.

Spirits of worry, fear, panic, etc.

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Spirits of worry and fear are very common, and can vary widely in what type of torment they can cause. Spirits of fear are known to cause an unusual ’suspense in the air’ for the person. Some will experience a ‘hovering presence’ where they constantly feel like something is ‘haunting’ them, while others will experience much less. I believe that spirits of fear can allow a person to ’see’ or ‘hear’ demons around them, which creates much more fear in the already-tormented person.

Spirits of fear can also play a role in a person’s heath, and can set their physical body ‘on edge’ which can be dangerous after prolonged exposure. I’ve also seen where a person can deeply fear something, and then it came upon them — even growths on their body that are abnormal!

I recently cast a spirit of panic out of a woman who was tormented over the thought of possibility of having committed the unpardonable sin. Her body shook as the demon departed, and afterwards she experienced a very real and tangible release from the tormenting spirit! Even the countenance of her face changed drastically… you could see the difference it made for her… before her face was tight and tormented, but afterwards she glowed with peace and newfound freedom!

What are some common entry points?

Watching fearful or demonic movies is a great way to open the door to spirits of fear. Occult involvement, spirit channeling, etc. are also open doors to such spirits.

Incubus and succubus

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Incubus and succubus are demons that replicate the sexual functions of a man or woman’s body, and seem to have ‘intercourse’ with their host. Incubus resembles the male body and is known to approach women, and succubus replicates the woman’s body and approaches men.

What are some common entry points?

From my experience with working with women who have had the incubus spirit, most of them opened the door through an ungodly soul tie (formed through fornication or adultery). I believe they can enter through other routes, but this one I have encountered more than once.

Spirit of rejection

Friday, April 13th, 2007

Spirits of rejection are very common and encountered quite often in the deliverance ministry.

What is it like to have a spirit of rejection?

A spirit of rejection will cause a person to feel rejected, even if they aren’t experiencing rejection.

What are some common entry points?

If a pregnant mother attempts or talks about having an abortion, the baby knows that it is rejected and the mother practically welcomes that spirit into her unborn child (which she has spiritual authority over). If a parents makes a spoken statement about not wanting or rejecting their child, they can open the son or daughter up to a spirit of rejection. How is that? One good reason is that children are vulnerable to verbal abuse and will believe what they are told, and believing something like that is dangerous.