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Do aborted babies go to heaven?

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

This is a question on the minds of many women who have had an abortion. I hope to ease some of your burden by showing you that in God’s Word, unborn babies are not guilty of sin, and therefore are not sent to hell. Besides, wouldn’t it be unlike a loving heavenly Father to send an unborn baby to hell for eternity? It goes against His nature of justice.

Romans 9:11, “For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil…”

Isaiah 7:16, “For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good…”

And there you have it! I believe that these passages make it clear that the unborn child is not capable or guilty of committing sin.

Now please don’t use this as an excuse to have an abortion. It is seen as taking an innocent life according to the Bible (God’s Word is clear about the unborn person having a spirit). Women who undergo abortions pay dearly for it through the bondage, emotional damage, and demons that they have opened themselves up to.

But for those who have already had an abortion, it is comforting to know that your baby is in heaven with Jesus.

In defense of Bob Larson

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

We get people coming to us on a regular bases who have an axe to grind with Bob Larson’s ministry. Now I’m not trying to say that everything he does is perfect, but I want to put things into perspective here on a couple of points. My life has been greatly blessed because of Bob’s ministry, and I know that his DWJD teams are helping people all over the world who desperately needing help and relief from spiritual bondage! I want to copy a couple of posts that I made recently in defense of Bob’s ministry:

Putting Bob Larson’s ministry into perspective

I just want to say that I am SO grateful for the ministry of Bob Larson. He is a leader in this area of ministry, and we owe him a lot of respect. He may not be perfect, but can that be said about anybody? I thank God that He doesn’t wait until we’re perfect before He uses us… or else we would have nobody qualified to stand up and minister! Requiring a minister to be perfect would eliminate even the best of us from the ministry!

God uses our brother Bob in awesome ways, and as a result, many hurting, bound, and tormented people have found help and deliverance. He has broken up ground that needed to be broken up… the American church NEEDS to realize that there really are demons, and that Christians need to have them cast out!

And I can assure you that Bob undergoes much persecution, and likely receives SCORES of death threats. Just ask Jay Bartlett what kind of attacks he receives because he’s busy doing what God has called him to do!

Not only does Bob operate in the deliverance ministry, but he also has worked very hard to rise up a whole network of DWJD team of trained deliverance ministers around the world. Deliverance ministers who have went through Bob’s DJWD training program are prized members of our network. They are able to work through cases that many other ministers cannot touch.

In Christ,

As far as Bob charging for his DWJD training program, here’s my response:

What about all those Christians who write books and “sell them”? Or all of those Christian artists who “sell” their music on CD for a whopping $15 per CD? Or those Christian artists who charge you if you want to attend their concerts? Shouldn’t they be giving it all away since God gifted them in those areas of ministry?

I just paid to enroll in a class on inner healing. The people who are putting on the class have invested a TON of time and resource into these classes, and I feel the price they charged was below-cost for them. I was overwhelmed at what they put into their program.

So what is the difference if Bob sells a book which is meant to train people, or if he takes time out of his busy day to train them? Is it alright to earn money off of selling a book, but it’s not okay for him to charge when he has to spend a lot more of his time to train them personally?

I think why Bob charges, is to cover his costs and keep the training program afloat.

I want to point out that when Bob has public conventions, which I KNOW costs him to put on, he does not charge a DIME for it! If he was so money-hungry as some people make him out to be, then why would he be putting on public educational seminars and not charging for them?

It’s like with Benny Hinn. He writes books, makes CD’s, just like any other minister today does. But then he puts on public crusades, where thousands of people come and are blessed and fed by God, and they are not charged a DIME! I assure you that those crusades are EXPENSIVE to put on too… we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars easily!

If ministers shouldn’t be able to charge for training programs, then colleges and seminaries shouldn’t be charging either when it costs them thousands and thousands of dollars to people for the ministry.

What’s the difference if I were to pay Bob Larson to train me, or if I went away to seminary (which would cost a LOT more than what Bob’s charging)?

It doesn’t make much sense to me.

In Christ,

I am forever grateful for Bob’s ministry, and I know that scores of others have been very grateful for it as well. There is such hostility towards Bob because he charges for his training. I myself, offer my materials on my site FREE of charge, but just the same, if Bob is wrong for charging for his training, then so are all the Christian seminaries wrong as well. They should be giving it away for free, and so should all Christian artists and book authors. They shouldn’t be selling God’s work.

So carrying that same train of thought, if you are against Bob’s charging for training, then you need to burn all of your favorite Christian CD’s, books (except the Bible!), and have nothing to do with those other forms of ministry as well. And you also shouldn’t support your pastor, who paid good money to go away to seminary!

If you think I’m being irrational, then I want you to stop and think about what you’re really doing here. Bob labors hard in the kingdom, and faces many terrible threats and persecution, but he presses forward because he wants to see people liberated in Jesus’ name. I just watched a recent exorcism that he did, and afterwards the man was leaping for joy, and Bob made it crystal clear that it was JESUS who freed the man! Bob took no credit, but gave all the glory to Jesus for what happened.