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About the team

Our core team consists of a small group of ministers and laymen from around the world, united together to keep this project flowing smoothly. To contact us, please use our online contact form.

On our deliverance ministry network, we have over 250 ministries in over 40 nations around the globe!

Ministry purpose

While Jesus paid a steep price for our freedom, wholeness, healing, and wellbeing, America, and much of the world for that matter, is faced with a tragic problem -- many who are hurting or in need of deliverance do not know where to turn for help! I was in that position myself years ago after I had picked up some terrible demons which were causing all sorts of problems in my life. I believed in the liberating ministry of Christ, but I had no idea of where to turn for help -- I felt all alone in my dark battle with the forces of evil! Since then, I have felt the urgent need to make deliverance ministries more easily accessible to those in need. Today, we have hundreds of ministries around the globe who have joined us, and are waiting to help you receive what Jesus so lovingly paid for you -- your spiritual freedom and healing!

Another problem faced by many today, is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the ministry of deliverance. It is our goal to get more pastors educated in this area of ministry. The teachings available on this web site and also are available for free, and if you would like permission to use them in your ministry, church, or training programs, please contact us.

We also have a one-of-a-kind community forum (message board) on our site, where deliverance and spiritual warfare topics can be freely discussed. Jay and I used to fellowship on a popular Christian forum web site where they had a deliverance ministry section, but we constantly faced persecution over the concept of Christians having demons. We couldn't even get off the ground to minister on the forum, because the enemy was sending people there who had no intent of helping the hurting, but to argue with those who were there to minister. Today we have a thriving community here in our forum, of people who are seeking help, others who just want to enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers, and ministers who love to help people find their freedom in Christ. Our forum is moderated by Christians who do recognize the reality of the demonic and spiritual warfare in the life of a believer, and work hard to keep the forum clean, safe, loving, and a Christ-like community. Please feel free to join us; we would love to have you!

Statement of Faith

You can read our faith statement by clicking here.

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