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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know before
walking somebody through a deliverance

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Understanding the basic elements of bondage

I have broken the common areas of bondage into four basic groups, and when you are working with individuals in the deliverance ministry, you will often encounter one or more of these four areas in any given bondage.

1. Strongholds play a vital role in a vast array of bondages. Tearing down strongholds is essential as demons rely on them to strength and power in that person's mind. A stronghold is basically an incorrect thinking pattern that has been burned into the person's mind. The enemy often works to build these in our minds through continually injecting thoughts into our minds which are not in sync with God's Word, and therefore gets us to habitually think along those lines. Other strongholds are often formed in our minds as we are raised up in a certain environment, such as a child who feels that all father's are mean, because he was raised by a cruel and cold father. Strongholds, regardless if they are demonically inspired or naturally learned, they must be torn down through the renewing of our minds according to the Word of God.

2. Unresolved hurts must be brought out in the open and healed. A person who has been hurt through abuse for example, must recognize their unresolved hurt feelings, and be willing to place them in Jesus' hands so that He can heal them. Holding on to hurt feelings can hinder the Holy Spirit from being able to effectively minister to that area of their life. They must also realize the provision that God has for their wounds, such as how part of Jesus' ministry (which is still alive and well today through the work of the Holy Spirit) was to heal the brokenhearted (see Luke 4:18). The individual must allow themself to release the hurt in their heart, and allow the Lord comfort and heal their wounds.

3. Legal grounds must be cleaned up, as demons can use them as an excuse to remain. If a person has invited a demonic spirit into their life through sin, then that sin will remain a legal right for the demon to hang around until the person has repented and turned from their sin. Sometimes breaking up legal grounds involves more than simple repentance, such as the breaking of soul ties, renouncing vows made to Satan, and so fourth. It is important to figure out what the legal grounds are, so they can be broken. Otherwise, the demon can either put up a fight when you're trying to cast it out, or if you do cast it out, they can freely return at a later time.

4. Indwelling demons must be driven out in many cases before the person can experience a breakthrough in their situation. Why did Jesus cast demons out? Because otherwise they wouldn't have left the person. While it is possible for demons to leave once their legal grounds are removed, I would not count on it. Some demons are more stubborn than others, and require the minister to take the offensive step of casting them out before they will go.

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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know
before walking somebody
through a deliverance

(Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

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