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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know before
walking somebody through a deliverance

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Maintaining their deliverance

After a person has received deliverance and freedom from various bondages in their life, it is important for them to take precautionary steps to ensure that they maintain or hold their freedom. I am not fearful of demons coming back every time we turn around, but it is always a good idea to be on guard in case they try to make an attempt to re-enter.

One of the ways a demon may attempt to re-enter is to re-gain it's legal grounds in that person's life. In such as case, the spirit may work at tempting the person to re-open the door to them again, which will allow them to freely take up residence again. This is where the person needs to be firmly rooted and grounded in God's Word and have a daily relationship with Him so that they will recognize this tactic and be on guard for it. It is important for a person not to receive deliverance only to turn around and go back to the way they were living before (fall right back into their old sins). When this happens, they can basically re-open that door all over again, and you can bet that the demons would love to take advantage of this opportunity to re-enter that person.

Another way which they may try to re-enter is through fear. Let's say a woman is delivered from a spirit of infirmity, which caused some sort of physical discomfort... then after her deliverance (where she is completely healed), suddenly that pain seems to have come back. While it is possible that she wasn't truly delivered in the first place, usually the case is that the demon is attempting to make her believe that either it's simply returned, or that she was never delivered in the first place. Once the person accepts this lie, the demon makes himself to home... all based on the fact that he deceived the person into believing that it just came back on them. So how do we prevent this? First, we educate the person on their authority as a believer, and instruct them to rebuke the demon and command it to depart from them the minute it tries to re-appear. If the legal grounds have been broken, then there's no need to go back through that process all over again, so now the goal is simply to exercise our authority against it and command it to leave. It's a shame for a believer to just let the demon back in without standing against it, after all that Jesus went through so that we could be set free and have authority over them!

One important key is to look back at how the demon entered the person in the first place. Was it through emotional wounds or pain? Was it through anger? Then it is important to be on guard for that demon to attempt to tempt them in these same areas again after their deliverance. The demon may setup a circumstance for that person to become angry again, so that their door is re-opened all over again. The demon may try to get the person to think about how so and so abused them, and remind them of the old wound (which was supposed to be given over to Jesus). It is important that we be on guard especially in the areas which originally opened the doors in the first place.

Perhaps one of the most vital things a person can do once they are delivered, is to cultivate a daily relationship with the Holy Spirit, for this will fill up the gap or emptiness that those demons left in them. I also recommend getting the person baptized in the Holy Spirit once they are delivered, which will set them ablaze for Jesus!

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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know
before walking somebody
through a deliverance

(Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

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