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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know before
walking somebody through a deliverance

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When you minister to a person in bondage, you will almost always encounter a variety of elements that are involved in keeping the person bound. There are often unresolved hurts, strongholds, legal grounds and unclean spirits that must be dealt with before the person is able to come into complete healing and restoration in that area of their life. Balanced deliverance ministering usually involves much more than simply casting out demons.

Pre-qualifying your candidate

The first step in working with anybody is to qualify them. What we do in this process is determine whether the person is ready or prepared to go through deliverance, and then be capable of maintaining their newfound freedom afterwards. This is a vital step that saves a lot of time and helps ensure that successful deliverance is obtainable, before we even get started. If you enter into a deliverance session and the person is not prepared, you can waste a lot of unnecessary time trying to work with them. Furthermore, even if you are successful, they may walk out the door and the next day pick up those spirits all over again.

Before a person is prepared to receive deliverance, they must meet the following requirements:

1. They must be a born-again Christian. If they are not, then it is impossible for their legal grounds to be removed, by which the demons are holding onto in their life. How can there be removal of legal grounds without the forgiveness of sins? And how can a person receive forgiveness of sins unless they accept and believe upon Jesus? It is vital that the person be born again before you can effectively minister deliverance to them. The ministry of deliverance is geared towards the children of God (those in covenant with Him), as Jesus told the gentile woman (who didn't have a covenant with God) who sought to have a demon cast out of her daughter:

Matthew 15:26, "But he answered and said, It is not meet (fitting) to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs."

2. They must be willing to give up anything and everything that is ungodly in their lives. If a person enjoys pornography and is unwilling to give it up, then it will be nearly impossible to cast out their spirit of pornography without it coming right back. Please understand that it is possible to enjoy pornography or feel attracted to it, and yet be willing to let go of it at the same time. Just because a person may find pornography pleasurable, does not mean they are not ready to be delivered. The big question is... are they ready to give it up? They must be willing to break up those legal grounds in order to receive and maintain their freedom from it. Furthermore, and this is very important; they must be willing to communicate about their past openly with the person who is ministering to them. It is important that you, as a deliverance minister, is aware of the areas of bondage in their life, and the underlying roots to those bondages. If they choose to hide something from you, it may very well keep you from being able to effectively diagnose the roots to their bondage and deal with them.

3. They must be willing to do whatever is necessary after their deliverance in order to come into and maintain their newfound freedom. This often involves the meditating on certain Bible passages and verses on a daily bases. Doing this is vital to the tearing down of strongholds. For example, if a person suffers from low self esteem, then it would be beneficial for them to study the Bible passages which speak about the person whom God has made in us, how much He loves us, and how we were created in His image. If a person has been seeing God has a cruel and distant taskmaster, then he or she needs to meditate on scriptures which speak of the loving nature of God, how Jesus loved us even while we were sinners, the parable of the prodigal son (see Luke 15), etc. The devil builds strongholds by feeding us lies on regular bases, so we must tear down those strongholds (believed lies) through feeding our minds on God's Word on a regular bases.

I also believe that they should be serious enough about their relationship with Jesus, that they can set aside a reasonable amount of time to spend with God on a daily bases. Ministering to individuals who are not established in the Word can be more time consuming and burdensome. Much of the overall deliverance process involves the renewing of their minds according to the Word of God, and therefore there needs to be a continual washing of the Word (see Ephesians 5:26-27) on regular bases. It is a lot easier to effectively minister to an individual who is built up spiritually through a continual relationship with Jesus Christ. However, in some cases, having this luxury is not possible, as by the time many desperate individuals come through our doors, there is no time to build themselves up and they need immediate attention.

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Deliverance from Demons 101
Essentials you'll want to know
before walking somebody
through a deliverance

(Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

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