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What is demon possession?
What does it mean to be possessed with a devil?

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It simply means to have a demon, to be under it's power or influence, or to be troubled or harassed by one. If you look up the phrase "possessed with a devil" in NT Greek, it gives us the word daimonizomai, which means to be exercised by a demon, to have a demon, or to be vexed (troubled and tormented) by a demon.

Contrary to popular belief, demon possession does NOT refer to complete control of a person, nor does it imply ownership in any way. God's Word tells us clearly that all souls belong to God, therefore it is impossible for a demon to own a person at all, regardless if they are a believer or not.

A good example of demon possession is when a person is possessed with a dumb spirit, the person won't be able to speak because it is under the power or influence of that spirit. People with certain spirits can be thrown into convulsions and all sorts of things, including controlling the person's body, mind, etc. The deeper of bondage a person gets into, the more control or power a demon(s) will have over that person.

For a more in-depth teaching on this, see teaching on Demon Possession on Great Bible Study.

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