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Jay Bartlett's public meetings and seminars are FREE and open to all. For more information on any of our mission events call toll free (877) 483-5519 Ext. 2.

Jay Bartlett Missions
530 South Lake Avenue Suite #922
Pasadena, California, USA 91101

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Extraordinary Emergency Personal Ministry Sessions

These specialized personal calls are available every month. First come, first serve. These are encounters where Jay will travel to your city, to you (even your home if necessary), to meet with your family and loved ones. Contact us today.

January-December 2020 (Mondays) in Los Angeles, California (limited sessions remain)

2020 Public Ministry Events*

Supernatural Jesus Ministry Event Schedule for 2020*

*In our public meetings: Love offerings accepted. No childcare provided. Children 12 and under will not be permitted to attend.

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More public events will be announced as they are confirmed. Please check back often for updates.

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- Can a child have a demon?
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- What is a generational curse?
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101 Practical Guides
- Fears of the unpardonable sin
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- How to tear down strongholds

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What is demon possession?
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Deliverance from Demons 101
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before walking somebody
through a deliverance

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